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Thursday, March 29, 2012

3 Best Online Storage Apps on Android, Which One You Prefer to

Sometimes we need to take some files from workplace to home. Or you just want to backup some videos and songs from your android phone for future use. And you also know that you need an online storage server on your phone to help you. And today, I will introduce you 3 best online storage apps here to make this problem become easier.

Fiabee (Rated: 4.1)

Storage capacity: 15G for free (only for few days)

  • Print your files from anywhere to any printer using Google Cloud Print.
  • Take a photo and upload it instantly to your account.
  • Centralize your photos and files that you have in your social network profiles into one single place (Google Docs, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa).
  • (When selected) Automatic bulk upload of all your photos to the cloud any time that a wifi connection is detected.
  • Edit from your android device your documents (using any commercial editor for Android) and sync it back to all your devices.
  • Select which specific files you want to store locally and keep always synced for quick, offline access.
  • Access, share and manage all your files on the go.
  • Search across all your devices almost instantly, even when offline.
  • Drag&Drop files to your Android directly from our HTML5 app (Chrome Web Store).
  • Available in English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Korean.

Box (Rated: 4.3)

Storage capacity: 50G (till 12/30/2012 )
How to Get it:

  • Access, create and view content on your Android phone or tablet
  • Upload multiple images, videos and files from the SD card
  • Save files to your SD card for offline access
  • Easily share files and folders with links
  • Invite colleagues to shared folders and leave comments on files for them 
  • Find content fast with built-in search
  • Save files you edit or create in other Android apps to your Box account
  • Add a widget to your home screen to see updates on files by colleagues
Dropbox (Rated: 4.6)

Storage capacity: 2G (you can get 8G or higher)

Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. After you install Dropbox on your computer, any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers, your Android device, and even the Dropbox website! With the Dropbox app, you can take everything that matters to you on the go.

Read your docs or flip through your albums when you're out and about. Save photos or videos to your Dropbox and share them with friends in just a couple taps. Even if you accidentally leave your Android in a taxi, your stuff is always safe on Dropbox.

• Always have your stuff with you, no matter where you are.
• Save photos and videos to your Dropbox.
• Share your photos and docs with family and friends.
• Save email attachments straight to your Dropbox.
• Easily edit docs in your Dropbox.

So, if your are not satisfied with the capacity of Dropbox, I think Box's 50G can be better. Have you decide which one is better for your? If you haven't found anyone from them, you can go on to search on Google Play.

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