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Monday, February 13, 2012

How to root android 2.3 with only a few steps

Why Root
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What is rooting? Rooting your Android phone enables you to use the Superuser so that you are the administrator of your Android device, and you can control your device totally about the system. After rooting your phone, you can install custom ROMs that eliminate the annoying crapware many manufacturers and carriers include by default. What’s more, custom ROMs can give you the latest version of Android weeks–or even months–ahead of the carriers’ sluggish update schedules. And Rooted phones can take advantage of some great performance tweaks–such as CPU overclocking and improved cache management–that can dramatically speed up Android.
Before root
1. Before root, we need to download and install  SuperOneClick  on your computer. This tool can recognize your device and start root with only a few clicks. It supports  It supports most of android phones and the latest version of android 2.3.
2. Install the Android drivers for your phone onto the Windows computer, either via a CD that came with the phone or download from the vendor’s website.
3. Enable USB Debugging mode on your Android: Tap Menu > Settings > Applications > Development. Then enable USB debugging.
4. Verify that your SD card is not mounted: Tap Menu > SD Card & Phone Storage, and (if available) tap Unmount SD Card.

Get root
1. Connect your Android phone to computer with data cable.
2. Run SuperOneClick.
3. Finally, click the Root button on SuperOneClick. If you’re using a phone with a NAND lock and you haven’t unlocked it yet with Unrevoked, click the Shell Root button instead of Root.
4. At last, you can see this program will return “Success” message. And you can unplug your android phone.
5. Reboot your android phone, and you will find there is an app — superuser in your android phone. That means you have been rooted successfully.

Original Source: Lovemedia Blog


  1. How long does it take??????

    1. ths is not working, i tried 3 times, always it stuck on waiting for device... i have followed the steps vvvvery accurately...still its not working.. i have huawei 8655 model, android 2.3

      befor runnin g this superoneclick, i did instal java jdk, and sdk...

      February 1, 2013 at 1:03 A

  2. It shows unable to execute root shell

  3. The caliber of collection that you are providing is but marvelous.
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