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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Evernote Android 4.0 comes with brand-new UI

Evernote has just released the new version for Android version with innovative interface changes. The 4.0 update of this note-taking app has a new home screen that lets you swipe out a hidden menu to get to your notes without having to always jump backwards. with Evernote 4.0, you’ll have the ability to make your notes, drawings, and all manner of idea keeping right at your fingertips in a way thats much nicer to look at and interact with than ever before.

If you have many textual notes, you will like the new reading mode as well. As you scroll down to read the rest of the note, all of the UI slides out of view, leaving you with nothing but your text. If you want to do anything with the note, just give the screen a quick tap and the interface instantly shows up again.

Whatever, let's enjoy the video about new evernote. And you can also download this app free in Google Play, just click here -- Evernot 4.0

BTW: Evernote running on HTC One X looks so great, I mean this smart phone!

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