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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Top 5 Free Android Readers for Ebooks & Magazines

There are dozens of ebook reading apps available on the Google Play store. Some apps enhance the reading experience on mobiles, while others help you get your hands on free books. We trawled the Google Play store to find the best free apps for book lovers who have Android smartphones. All you need to do is select the one (or two) you want, install it for free, and turn your mobile into an awesome e-Reader. 

Kindle for Android

This is easily the best free e-Reading and ebook app around. If you just want to try reading on your mobile to see if you like it, this is the app to download. If you have Kindle, this app will use Whispersync technology to sync the book across all smartphones or computers you have. So, using this app, you can read the digital books you already possess on your mobile.
If you are new to ebooks, the Kindle app can take you to the Amazon store where you can buy almost any ebook you want. Don’t want to shell out money for a digital book?
You can download tens of thousands of classic and modern books for free. And, of course, the Kindle app gives you access to a dictionary, it lets you adjust the screen background, change fonts, highlight passages and take notes.
Download Kindle for Android on Google Play

Moon+ Reader
Reading on digital devices can be a little disconcerting to people who have grown up reading tactile print books. The mobile screen may feel too impersonal and mechanical. Moon+ Reader will help you personalize your mobile reading experience. Not only does this app support a wide range of formats (epub, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar, zip), but it also offers endless customization.
You can adjust line space, format the text, choose from among ten different themes for day and night, try different types of page-turning options, adjust brightness, choose options that help avoid eye fatigue, highlight, annotate, and find definitions in dictionaries. Looking for a personalized reading experience on your mobile? This is the right app for you.
Download Moon+ Reader on Google Play

Wattpad – Free Books and Stories

Do you enjoy reading books with indie authors? Do you enjoy fan fiction? Wattpad is the place where you can find over 10 million books, majority of them created by self-published authors. It is more of an e-book writers’ community than a e-book service, but if you like to connect with authors and participate in the creative process, you will love this app. You can download the stories and read them in offline mode. If you feel the creative urge, you can also contribute your stories, poems and writing through this app.
Download Wattpad on Google Play

Fabrik (Cloud ebook Reader)

Tech-savvy people familiar with e-Readers will love this app. Do you have lots of ebooks on your PC, mobile and your e-Reader? Do you find it annoying to port your books from one device to another all the time? Fabrik will sync your books to your DropBox or Google Drive and ensure that you have your books whenever you want them.
But that is just a small part of the what this app does. It also offers a personalized and quality ebook reading experience. It supports Text-to-Speech, allows you to customize fonts and page backgrounds, share your reading progress, find book covers and even optimize the books for tablets. The only problem is that it supports only txt, epub, mobi and prc formats.
Download Fabrik on Google Play

Zinio: 5000+ Digital Magazines
While there are many people who can comfortably read novels on mobile, most of us read on mobiles only for short durations. For such people, short stories and magazines are the ideal form of literature when to comes to reading on mobiles. Zinio is the right app for Android smartphone owners who want to access different magazines and newspapers on their mobile.
This app allows you to get free and paid magazines, it lets you preview and search through a large database of paid magazines and newspapers, and you can use the app to buy quality magazines from all over the world. The best part is that once you get a magazine, you can read it while you are offline.
Download Zinio on Google Play.

There are dozens of e-Reader and ebook apps on Google Play. The five apps that we discussed are among the best free apps in their categories. Downloading any one or two of these apps will satisfy your needs, but if you are a serious reader, you may want to explore all of them.

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