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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Top 10 Most Exciting New Features in Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Google has officially introduced Android 4.0 today. It is also known as Ice Cream Sandwich - a new version of the platform that brings a refined, unified user experience for phones, tablets, and more. This press conference was originally scheduled for last week in San Diego CTIA exhibition. But Google decided to delay because of Steve Jobs.

Now, after Google introduced the newest portable operation system – Android 4.0, let's review the top 10 sparks in this Android.

1.    Modern Roboto font what is designed for the HD screen and the real-time wallpaper.

2.    Use the virtual buttons in the UI instead of physical buttons to enlarge the display area.

3.    Widgets are in the new tab which stay by Apps, and listed as a similar list to apps.

4.    Drag an app to another one will create a folder like as the feature of ios. But when you drag a contact will create a shortcut for speed dialing.

5.    Face unlocks your device, a facial recognition service, but it's failed when the officials show it on the spot.

6.    The new notification, you can check the notice by dragged the top bar down when the screen is locked.

7.    The web browser with enhanced tab system, allowing up to 16 tabs; it supports to save the webpage to view without Internet and automatically sync the bookmarks with Chrome.

8.    Camera with zero shutter lag, time lapse settings, zoom while recording. And the gallery with layout, you can organize by location and person.

9.    Data Usage section in settings lets you set warnings when you reach a certain amount of use and disabling data connect when you go over your limit. The data usage includes WIFI, network and even the Bluetooth. You can set the maximum date usage for the app.

10.    Android Beam: NFC feature that allows you to exchange websites, contact info, directions, YouTube and even the apps when 2 NFC-supported devices get together.

Many mobile phone manufactures are excited to Ice Cream Sandwich. HTC had released an official statement following this evening's announcement at the first time to confirm that it's looking over the update's new features and functionality, figuring out how to make it happen without forcing sacrifices to the usability and performance of each HTC product. So, after a period of time, how many mobile phones can update to Android 4.0? Just stay tuned for latest news about Android.

Post by: Bruno Wong

Data Usage
Android Beam

Web Browser
Face Unlock

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