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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chrome for Android is Coming Finally

Finally, Chrome for Android, unlike stock Android browser, has arrived for some Android devices. And now, this browser is available in the Android Market for free download. But the Android Beta is only for Android 4.0 devices because of it need the newer hardware acceleration interfaces.

As you might expect, Chrome for Android is also as fast as the desktop because it includes the desktop version's V8 JavaScript engine. It also has gesture-based controls for moving among multiple tabs. You can also sing-in and synchronizes with the desktop version of Chrome and different devices. However, this browser does not support Adobe Flash plug-in while Google makes a promise to support a better HTML5 experience. With its performance and features, Google expects Android users to increase their browser activity.

I believe most of android users had expected this browser for a long time. But when it comes out, we also find this browser can only run in Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Till now, Android ICS only run on about 1% devices in the android world. And we also find that Opera, Dolphin and other mobile browsers are stable and run also great. I think most of people prefer to use other browser instead buy Google Nexus s or Galaxy Nexus.

If you just get Google Nexus S with Android 4.0 or Galaxy Nexus, you can just click to download Chrome for Android.

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