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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Top 3 music recognizer tools to let you know what's this song in Android

Sometime I always hum a tune but I can't remember what exactly is this tune. Or when I just heard a song from TV and radio make me feel great, but I don't know it. I believe that you also meet such situations. Well, how can we make clear what the hell is this song immediately? If you have an Android phone, you can use a music recognizer tool to solve your problem easily. Yes, today I will introduce you the 3 most popular recognizer tools in Android Market.

Top 3: Verizon iD
Verizon iD adds a new layer of identification - image recognition - to Song ID. All in one app, you can now iD images and songs, and seamlessly switch between the two. Capture an image for a contest and get a free song download, see a video, or win a prize – you'll be pleasantly surprised. If you want to find a song, just hold up your phone to identify it. Then get song lyrics, artist bios, previews, and YouTube videos. Plus, download music, ringtones, ringback tones, and share on Facebook and Twitter.

Top 2: SoundHound
The SoundHound Android App by SoundHound Inc. app is an extremely well designed all in one music app. Sound hound has a plethora of features that include lyrics to songs, streaming songs, a huge database to search songs, purchase the songs through Amazon mp3, and even search for the song on YouTube for the video. All of this can be done from within SoundHounds app engine. This app is extremely well designed and has very efficient functionality that also includes listing of similar artists that you have just searched for. SoundHound also has a great feature that can give you the name of a song currently being played, as well as, the lyrics, a means to share via social networks, YouTube search, and the ability to stream it live.

Top 1: Shazam
Crack open Shazam and hold it near the source long enough for the free app to get a fix--about 30 seconds. Shazam compares the recorded song with music in its database and will return a match to your song. In Shazam lingo, this is "tagging" a song, identifying its name and artist. Shazam for Android remembers the music you tag and gives you a chance to buy it yourself via the Amazon MP3 store on your phone. If you can't get enough of the song, you can also watch a YouTube video, if there's one available. A tie-in with MySpace also gets you close to the band if they have a page there.

With one of those apps, next time when you get a tune that you don't know it but really want to know it, just take out your android phone to recognize it now.

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