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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3 best free photo-sharing apps for android let you enjoy colorful world

It looks like more and more people love to share the photo online, and enjoy the images from different corners of this world in different time. So Flicker was born. When we find that share photo can be much easier with our smart phone, the various of photo-sharing apps comes out. Yes, today, I will introduce you 3 top free photo-sharing apps for android phones. Just forget the top 10 or what. It's still too much for use.

3. Path (Rated: 4.1)

Path, the popular social network that competes with the likes of Instagram, allows only 150 friends to share your pictures with. You can upload your pictures directly to the network for sharing, and edit them with one of the eight free filters. Why only photos? You can also share your thoughts, the music you're listening to, where you are, who you are with and other updates.

2. Lightbox (Rated: 4.4)

Available only on the Android platform, the Lightbox Photos app is more than just a filter app. It is quite a new photo sharing platform. It has a really rich and handy UI; and an inbuilt camera. It has a lot of awesome filters and allows posting on your Lightbox profile, Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and FourSquare. Another great feature allows viewing users pictures from other social networks within the Lightbox app.

1. Instagram (Rated: 4.6)

The Instagram app, available for Android and iOS, can apply a variety of filters and effects to your photos. It also connects you to the Instagram network so you can share your modded snapshots and see those of other users. All this happens on your phone, though shared photos routinely land on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere. More info about Instagram for Android you can read this post: Finally, Instagram Android Version is Available in Google Play

Here are 3 photo-sharing apps fro Android, I prefer to Instagram. Actually, I love Pinterest most, but there is no Android official app. Whatever, all these apps are quite handy, fun and cool, so you should definitely give them a try! If you prefer to take photo and edit them, I think this post can be helpful to you: 5 Top rated camera apps make your android phone become funny digital camera

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  1. cool apps..
    very interesting ones..

    do check out the new app that is on its way.. it has marked its entry into the app world recently.. it looks cool.. its called LiveAlbum.


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