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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Now, which is the best free online storage for you?

Today, we should talk about which one online storage is best for you. At first, we need bypass iCloud because it's only available in Mac and iOS and today we will talk about those cross-platform servers. As we known, on Tuesday morning, Google announced its own storage service called Google Drive. Now, we have Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive, Box and other online storage servers. About the storage server, I only pay attention to 2 points.

1. We all concern about the free storage when we use a free online storage servers. Actually, most of people needn't a large volume storage because the large file you'd better take with removable disk if the network is not so good. As for me, I am using skydrive, but never used the storage above 2G. If you really need upload some big stuffs in case, I think Skydrive is the best choice for you.

Free storage
Dropbox: 2G
Skydrive: 7G~25G
Google Drive: 5G
Box: 5G

2. We should care about the cross-platform now. More platforms support, more convenient. Fortunately, all of those 4 servers support web upload, so we do not worry about is there windows version or mac version. Just like we ignore iClound because it only have Apple version.

Support platform
Dropbox: Windows, Mac, ios, Android, Blackberry
Skydrive: Windows, Mac, ios
Google Drive: Windows, Mac, Android
Box: Windows & Mac(web only), ios, Android, Blackberry

I think both 2 point can totally make a decision for me. So the first choice for me is Skydrive between my workplace and home. Dropbox is the second for my phone and computer. Don't like Box because of the bad network make it become nothing on web browser. Google Drive? Hummm, I should try it later. Here is the 3 Best Online Storage Apps on Android which I wrote before Google Drive come out. If you are interested in it, you can try it.

So, do you have any more great free online storage server? Please leave your comment!


  1. I have a great time reading your useful blog. I’m just amazed by this easy way on creating your own cloud storage. Some people say that having a Best Storage Online would also help you to have an easy access for your files. Thank you.

    1. 7G free space and also has application for windows. Looks great. Thanks for sharing!


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