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Thursday, June 28, 2012

5 best android features which comes in Android Jelly Bean

Just few days before, Google announced Nexus 7, Nexus Q and the most important one - Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. As we known, Nexus 7 runs Android 4.1 now, and Google Nexus devices will update to Android 4.1 in July. Xoom from Motorola also can get his update directly from Google. But it still be a mystery when the other Android device can get this update, which we can sure some of them can never get this update.

Well, no matter which one device can get this update first, let's check the 5 best improvements android features from Android 4.1.

Project Butter

Google started an internal effort called “Project Butter” to make the JellyBean UI “buttery smooth”, and you can definitely tell a difference based on side-by-side comparisons. Project Butter's aim is to make Android run at a solid 60fps, complete with triple buffering and forced vsync. Butter also aims to improve touchscreen responsiveness, and how the system tracks your finger. It does this by predicting where your finger will be.

Voice Service
when you pressed the voice icon and spoke a command or query, Android had to digitize your voice, upload it to the cloud, process the waveform, turn it into text, and send the text back down to your phone.

Better Notifications

Android already has the best notification system of any mobile OS, but in JellyBean Google is taking it to the next level. It allows complex actions and more ways to interact with alerts. For example, you'll be able to tap a missed call message and have the option to ring the caller back. Developers will also have the flexibility to craft custom notifications for their apps.

Google Now

Google Now will lean heavily on Google searches you've conducted in the past to learn your likes to better anticipate your wishes. It will also use real-time location data provided by your handset to make more targeted suggestions. You can opt out of this if you like, but it enables new services such as reviews of restaurants as you walk by them, and sports scores of teams you care about delivered automatically to your device.

Resizable widgets

Home screen widgets will be easier to use in JellyBean. When you drag a widget to the home screen, other widgets will move out of the way, or the one you are dragging will resize itself to fit. This is a feature I'd be happy to have since one of the most frustrating notifications to receive in Android is that there's no more room on a given screen to drop your widget down upon.

Besides those features, is there another one you prefer to? Just post it below the comment!

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