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Monday, July 2, 2012

3 great Android switch apps to control your data and power with only one click

Well, today I go to Google Play and searched with various of keywords. Because I want to find out some really good apps. And I picked out 3 great switch apps to turn on or off some data and power section with only one click. Android have such kind of default widget also, but I think it's so limited. We need the widget can control everything what we can controlled with our Android phone. OK, let's check them now.

Power Controls (Rated: 4.6)

An free advanced power control widget without ADs.

Here contains the following toggle options:
Wifi, Mobile Data (3G/4G), 2G/3G toggle (2-Click), WiMax (4G for EVO), Bluetooth, Bluetooth discovery, Data Sync, Airplane Mode, Screen Auto Rotate, Wifi Hotspot, Volume toggle, GPS* (shortcut to gps settings), Four brightness modes (low, mid, high, and auto), Auto brightness, Flashlight, Screen Always On, USB Tether, Screen Timeout toggle, Battery info, Multimedia buttons (play/ next track/ prev track), Multimedia mute, NFC, Custom application shortcut

Power Widget lite (Rated: 4.0)

With Power Widget you gain quick access to most of your important settings. And most important it is highly customizable. Change background transparency, the order of your toggles or even how much toggles you put on your toggle bar is up to you.

What are this app contain:
USB, Airplane, WiFi, Bluetooth (only >2.x), Silent-Vibration-Normal, Lock Pattern (<2.2) Brightness Toggle Brightness Slider (with auto for >2.x), Sync (only >2.x), Orientation, GPS (since 2.x link to the settings page), 2G/3G (since 2.x link to the settings page), Stay awake, Always On, Screen Timeout, Wifi Lock

GO Switch Widget (Rated: 4.3)

GO Switch Widget provides you a fast way to turn on/off the functions in common use, such as Wifi, GPS, brightness, screen lock,flashlight, battery etc. In 4x1 style, up to 12 toggles and 2 controls are supported. Compare to other switch widgets, you can just simply drag the toggles to change their positions in the widget.

What are this app contain:
Wifi, Ringer, Brightness, Bluetooth, MobileNetwork, GPS, Auto-sync, Airplane mode, Auto-rotate, Vibrate, ScreenTimeout, Lock screen, Ringer volume, Media volume, Toggle position modification

Obviously the switch widget is so powerful and convenient to us. If you have ever find other great switch apps, please don't forget post the name in the comment. I will test for you!

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