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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10 Great Free Widgets for Android Phones You Should Try

Google Play
Widgets – you probably got a whole bunch of them pre-installed on your Android smartphone. That's great and all, but did you know that there's tons more for download from the Google Play store? Yup, there's a whole section dedicated to them.

However, not all of those widgets are really worth your time, and going through all that are available can be a tedious process. That's why we decided to save you, guys, some valuable time by shortlisting a handful of great Android widgets. Nearly all widgets picked here come free of charge. Only one widget needs you to pay extra $0.99, which indeed does nothing to you I think. Go check them out and get as many of them as you wish!

Minimalistic Text

Unlike other clock & weather widgets, Minimalistic Text displays information in a very simple, straightforward way. It can be configured to display time, date, battery and weather information. The looks of the widget can be customized to the user's preferences. Combine it with the Barcode Battery Bar widget for the ultimate minimalistic homescreen layout.

As the name suggests, Tasks is made to keep one's life organized. Place its widget on your home screen and you'll always have a quick access to your personal to-do list. The application can be synchronized with Google Tasks. While Tasks can be downloaded and used for free, there's a paid version that contains no advertisements.

Google Keep

This is Google's answer to the popular Evernote application. It's made for keeping track of thoughts and ideas by putting them down on notes and lists. Voice and images can be attached to a given note as well.

Power Toggles
Some Android launchers come with toggle buttons built-in. Some phones have a widget dedicated to the purpose. Yet no stock widget is as functional as Power Toggles with its 40+ switches that one can customize and rearrange.

Ultimate Custom Widget
Want something done right? Do it yourself! With this app you can create a widget of your own displaying time, date, battery or/and weather information. Best of all, no programming skills are required.

Battery HD
Here's a nice battery widget that displays not only a smartphone or tablet's battery level, but also tells you how much usage time you have left, depending on what's the device being used for.


Need detailed, reliable weather information delivered to your home screen? Then here's the app to download. It comes packed with customizable widgets of multiple sizes, displaying anything from temperature and wind speed to the forcast for the upcoming days.

Car Widget

This app makes it easier to access apps and features while driving, although you shouldn't really be using your phone behind the wheel anyway. It places huge, easy to press shortcuts to apps on your home screen.

Shady Camera Widget
This sneaky widget is for taking photos of things without the knowledge of the people around you. Use it responsibly and don't blame us in case you get caught! Price: $0.99

In addition to being a great dictionary, this wonderful app comes with a widget for quick access to its database. Heard a word you didn't know the exact meaning of? Just look it up! Also, there's a "Word of the day" feature added to the widget.

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