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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Android will be more secure than iOS

Many people believe that Android mobile operation system is not as secure as ios or WP7 because of it’s an open source, but Paypal believes that this OS will be safer that other close-source operation systems in the future.

The PayPal’s principal security architect, Hadi Nahari explained that more and more hackers will pay attention to the open-source mobile platform in the next 5 to 10 years. Just because of it, more and more security problems will be found and the experts will also take note and work out those problems.

Thus, in theory, future Android OS releases will become more secure than other closed operation systems such as the Apple iOS, Research In Motion's BlackBerry OS and Microsoft's Windows Phone, he said.

Nahari think that Android is still not secure because of it’s an open-source system. He noted, everyone can get the codes and research it that leads to security issues
However, this does not mean that close source operation systems are more secure, he said.

Nahari also take Apple's iOS as an example. He told us that ios is not as secure as it is expectant to be; Apple just does not announce its security issues. He pointed to the host of security problems with the iOS, noting that Apple has been patching and updating the software. If ios become open source os, we believe that we can get jailbreak much easier, or maybe we do not need jailbreak anymore.

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