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Monday, November 14, 2011

YouTube Upgrades Its Android App

YouTube had updated to version 2.3.4 for android platform when there is still too much inovitive functions, but also get some practical ones.

Regardless of if you’re a big video watcher, or someone who’s more into uploading your own clips, there should be something in this release to catch your interest.

The introduction of a “watch later” queue brings that feature from the web-based YouTube to its mobile app. As you discover videos you’re interested in viewing, you can easily add them to your queue, and then watch them later at your leisure.

Uploaders should pay attention to the change in clip info editing features, letting you revise the metadata associated with a video while you’re still in the middle of uploading it.

What's more, this app gets the button of Google +1, allows the users to show the supporting for their favorite YouTube videos.The uses can update and download it in Android Market now.

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