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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another App like as Siri in Android - Jeannie

I believe we have been so familiar with Siri - the voice assistant in iPhone 4S. As the storm of Siri impact on the market, many cloners come out in the voice market. Previously, I had written an Android version of Siri - Iris, now let's look at another Android version of the Siri - Jeannie.

How to Use

The operation of Jeannie cannot be easier as Siri. Just open the application, and start the dialogue with it. Besides some questions about “What’s the time”, users can also ask Jeannie to search on Amazon and Ebay, enable Bluetooth and wifi, translate in different languages, and start the app installation.

How it works
Jeannie just use the API of Google's voice to recognize speech and switch to text first, then process it. In most cases, Jeannie fairly answers your questions accurately.

Dialogue with Jeannie
Like as Siri, Jeannie often gives some funny answers to specific requirement. For example, asked: "Can you open the door for me?" Jeannie: "I am sorry I could not do it."

Of course, Jeannie is not perfect. Sometimes it will crash when you use it. And there are some difficulties in understanding the individual words. For example, when we ask it, "What movie is playing now?" It will directly log into YouTube. About the weather, Jeannie is often given the degrees with Celsius, but unfriendly to U.S.  And the speed to open the contact, search somebody is really so slow.

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