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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Android apps of London 2012 Olympic Games to get all about the games (Update)

As we known, the quadrennial Olympic Games will be hold in London on July 27th, 2012. If you were the big fan of sport, or you really cared about how those athletes challenged themselves, how many prizes you loved athletes would take, but you don't have so much time to spend in the front of TV and computer. I think you can use these 2 Android apps to get all news and results from Olympic Games immediately. They are come from official. And the other apps from third party can also provide you full information. You can use some apps to watch live with your android devices.

Official Apps:

The first one is London 2012 Join In App. This Join In app is rich in data. The initial download is 8MB, but the app requires approximately 60-80MB once fully installed. Some data will download on demand, such as overlay maps, for which a data connection is required. Phones with limited memory and disk space may experience degraded performance. Please scroll down for handset compatibility.

Key features include:
  • What’s on: full and up-to-date event listings for thousands of exciting activities, including free events, London 2012 Festival cultural events and big screens (Live Sites), across London and the UK – find out what’s happening near you, on an hour-by-hour basis.
  • Torch today: view the Olympic Torch Relay with street-level routes for 1000+ communities over 70 days, and details of Torchbearers. View the current Torch position in real time using the Torch Tracker function. See daily video highlights and photos as the Torch Relay unfolds.
  • Paralympic Torch Relay: find out about the Flame Festivals taking place across the UK in August.
  • Spectator guide: get details of facilities and information about how to get the best out of your historic day out.
  • Road events: find out about free medal events such as the Marathon and Road Cycling Race.
  • Jump to: interactive, searchable maps of the Olympic and Paralympic Torch Relays, the UK, London and the Olympic Park.
  • Detail maps: access and seating maps for the Olympic Park and 20+ venues.
  • Live updates: news, photos and social commentary from the Games.
  • My Games: create a personal schedule creation to help you plan your Olympic and Paralympic experience.

And the second one is London 2012 Results App. This Official London 2012 Results app provides all the latest news, schedules and results, allowing users to keep up-to-date with the latest action LIVE across all Olympic sports (25 July to 12 August 2012) and Paralympic sports (29 August to 9 September 2012).

Key features include:
  • Results: Covering all events for the 36 sports for the Olympics and 21 sports for the Paralympics.
  • Live Schedule: Follow the latest sporting Olympic events that are currently in progress. View results in real-time and share with your friends. View live updates: news, photos and social commentary from the Games.
  • Calendar Schedule: View day-by-day which sporting events are taking place in the Olympic schedule. Set favourites or reminders to create a personalised selection tailored for you.
  • Sports: View details of each of the sports; all the latest results, latest news, latest pictures and background information including football, swimming and track.
  • Medals: View the overall Olympic medal count as they are awarded throughout the Games - by country, by individual and by sport. Learn more about the medals.
  • Athletes: View all the participating athletes and review their details and current Olympic standings for London 2012. Use the sophisticated search tool to personalise your experience and follow the performance of your favourite athletes.
  • My Games: Follow any participating country and receive news and updates tailored to your needs. Manage your favourites, reminders and settings. 
  • Stay informed: set up notifications and alerts to keep you posted throughout the Games.
The Results app is available in English only, but useful for anyone around the world interested in the Olympics and Paralympics.

Other Apps:

Besides those 2 great apps from official, you can also keep track of London Olympic 2012 with the third party apps. Those apps also will show you the full information from Olympic 2012 in time. Hope you can enjoy them.

London 2012, an app provides detailed information about Olympic 2012. This app has collected lots of data and tried to present it in simplest possible way. It is loaded with features like Schedule, Sports played, Countries participating, Venues, Daily updates, NEWS, Reminder and much more.

Key features include:
  • Detailed information about Olympic 2012.
  • Medal tally updates along with countdown ticker. Touch on the country to find out participation details.
  • Detailed schedule based of selected sport.
  • Information about Olympic venues. Long press on venue picture to find out details about sports being played on that venue.
  • Latest news about Olympic 2012.
  • Easy access to fixtures details based on date selected.
  • Set reminder for favorite Olympic event.
As the largest broadcaster in this world, BBC also released the Olympic 2012 app for Android. That is BBC Olympics. Exclusive to the BBC in the UK, this is the only app on which you can watch up to 24 live streams of Olympics action and catch up with all the key highlights and medal moments. But the live and on demand video is only available on 3G and Wi-Fi. However, most users leave the comments to complain this app can't play video totally.

Key features include:
  • Top stories
  • Daily live text commentaries from BBC journalists
  • Up to 24 live video streams
  • Video highlights of the action, features and interviews with athletes
  • Detailed schedule and results for every event
  • Medals table
  • A page for every Olympic sport
  • A page for every competing country
  • A page for every Olympic athlete taking part
  • Read the homepage top stories offline
  • Share stories, videos and results by email and on social networks
The Yahoo! Beyond Gold app gives you all the up-to-the-minute news, results, medal counts, photos, Yahoo! Sports exclusive content and more – everything you need to keep up with the games.

Key features include:

  • Beautiful mobile design specifically for this app
  • Exclusive Yahoo! Sports content from the experts that know the games
  • Medal counts and results for quick viewing on the go
  • Constantly refreshed photo galleries to make you feel like you’re there
  • Right Now section gets you caught up with all of the latest Summer Games coverage
And the last one is NBC Olympic, an app which was judged a jock app from NBC by users because of this app always crash in lots of devices. With this app, you can get prepared for the Games now by checking out news, video, photos for every sport and all Team USA athletes. Plus, you can follow your favorite sports, teams and athletes, and engage with other fans on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ -- all from your Android handheld device. During the Olympics, you can follow every event from London, including real-time results & schedules, medal counts and TV & Online listings. And during the nightly Primetime Show televised on NBC, the app will feature a second screen experience that makes a great companion to the on-air broadcast!

Key features include:
  • News: overall and by sport, plus NBC Olympic Talk blog
  • Video on-demand: watch NBC Olympics highlights and featured videos
  • Photo galleries: slideshows capture the action, emotion, and splendor unique to the Olympics
  • Team USA: athlete profiles, news, video and photos
  • Sports info: news, video and photos for all 32 sports
  • Hometown Coverage: select your local NBC affiliate to get news, video and photos about athletes from your hometown
  • Destination London: learn more about the host city with video, photos and news
  • Twitter Tracker: see which Olympic athletes, sports and topics are being talked about on Twitter with interactive heat maps
  • Social networking: share Olympic Games content with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Results & Schedules for all 32 sports: updated in real time
  • Medal Counts: overall and by sport
  • TV & Online Listings: look up NBC's TV and online coverage schedule and set program reminders
  • Primetime Companion: use your device as a second screen and enjoy and interact with contextual content to enhance your Primetime viewing experience
  • Push notifications: get breaking news, programming reminders, and news and results for your favorite teams and athletes
Those are all Olympic 2012 apps what I want to introduce you. From my view, I think the official apps are really worth to try. And if you want to enjoy live video, the BBC and NBC apps also can be a good choice for you. Whatever, enjoy this Olympic Games! 

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