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Thursday, July 5, 2012

3 best android call blocker apps to keep annoying from you

As we know there is a function with Android, that is call blacklist to block someone's call which you wanna ignore it. But I think that function is not so easy to use. To black list a caller, press the "Menu" button, from the main screen. Then select "Settings" and then "Call Settings." Scroll to the bottom of the list and select "Black List." Click "Add Phone Number" and then you can either manually type in a phone number in the text box or you can click on the silhouette icon along the right of the text box and select an entry from your contact list. Click "OK" to finish. Actually, I think with the help from some powerful apps, you can block the call or SMS much easier than this operation. OK, let's check those 3 top call blocker apps from Google Play.

3. Call Blocker (Rated: 4.3)
The latest Call Blocker with Premium features will be a good call filter just for you. We now support Chinese,English, German,French,Portugal and Spanish languages.

Block unwanted calls now and protect your privacy. Now with better developed features, you will no longer need to worry about privacy leak. Protect your private info 24x7.


Black List

–Block unwanted calls (Reject calls, forward or reply with an auto-SMS)
–Block spam SMS (accept phonebook only or simply block black list)

Contact Backup

–Back up contacts to a server, so you never lose them!
–Transfer data to new phone (available cross-platform to Symbian / Android / BlackBerry device)

Privacy Eraser

–Quickly and easily erase the call history, delete SMS messages between your phone and individual contacts permanently to protect private data.

Private Space (Premium)

–Automatically move private contacts’ messages and call logs to a Private Space so that they don’t appear in the phone’s regular SMS and call logs
–Keep secrets by hiding the icon as displayed on the main screen, so that nobody knows you are using Private Space.
-Protect your REAL space by creating one or more fake spaces. If anyone wants your password, show her/him the fake one!

2. Call Control - Call Blocker (Rated: 4.4)
Full featured Call Blocker and Blacklist app. Easily block anyone from calling.

Block unwanted calls and text messages in a snap with Call Control. The #1 Call Blocker and Blacklist app for Android and the only app that blocks FCC Do Not Call offenders automatically!

Call Control is the ONLY Call Blocker for Android with a Community Blacklist – unwanted callers that are flagged by our community of over 2.5M Call Control users and FCC Do Not Call reporters are blocked automatically. You’d have to enter 1,000’s of numbers into other call blocking applications to match the power of Call Control!

- Block Unwanted + Spam Calls and SMS/Text Messages... All in ONE App!
- Community Blacklist - Thousands of spammers blocked right out of the box!
- Blocked Calls Don't Ring! Send calls to Voicemail or Hang Up on the caller.
- Personal Blacklist and Whitelist - Add any phone number or area code (3 number limit in free version).
- FCC Do Not Call integration, reported offenders are blocked automatically.
- Pickup and Hang up mode, blocked calls don't go to Voicemail. (Works on Gingerbread!)
- Online and Local Backup - Save all of your lists both online and to your SD card for easy restoration or transfer to another device.
- Free Reverse Lookup – Search any unknown telephone number and find out who’s calling you.
- Community Blacklist Sample One Time Update - Go Pro for Full Blacklist and Daily Updates!
- Free Automatic Community Blacklist Updates (Pro version).
- Block by Area code (i.e. 206, 888, 800)
- Block Private & Unknown Callers
- Call Log Integration – Blacklist, Whitelist and Lookup right from your Android’s Call Log.
- Privacy modes – Contacts Only, Whitelist Only, Contacts and Whitelist and Block All Calls.
- Call waiting blocking supported.
- 100% Ad Free!

1. Mr. Number Text, Call & Block (Rated: 4.4)
Fast, free texting with your friends. Screen everyone else.

Mr. Number replaces your old text and calling apps so you can:
- make texting fast and free and know when messages are delivered and read
- identify unknown callers with true Caller ID (US only)
- block calls and texts from people and companies you never want to hear from again
Every phone should work this way.

- Complete dialer and text messenger
- Fast free messaging to friends on Mr. Number with delivery and read-receipt
- Quick reply to messages without opening the app
- Caller ID (automatic reverse lookup) for every number that is not in your contacts, outbound and inbound (US Only)
- Block calls and texts from one person, an area code, or the world
- One inbox for all your calls and texts or swipe to see calls, texts, MMS, or blocked
- View all contacts with phone numbers, your top 25, and everyone you know on Mr. Number
- Keep track of who you need to call back and who you never call at all
- Catch telemarketers and debt collectors before they waste your time
- Report spam calls, SMS, and MMS to warn other users
- Create your own Caller ID and text message signature

You can go to Google Play to check these 3 apps details, and choose the best one for yourself. So, do you have any other good apps? Please leave it in comment. 

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