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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

5 best free music player apps make your android phone better

Well, yesterday, I had introduced the 5 best free internet radio apps for android, and today I will continue to introduce the top 5 music player apps for you mobile phone. If you feel so boring to your default music player because of the simple UI, less function and ugly widgets, you should not miss the next top 5 music player apps.

Top 5: doubleTwist Player
DoubleTwist Player is the best all-in-one music, radio and video app. It can find all the music on your phone and syncs music & video with the free doubleTwist app on Mac/PC and import iTunes music playlists, music ratings & playcounts from your Mac/PC; sync music, play music & video podcasts!

Top 4: Rhapsody
With Rhapsody, you can always hear the music you're into, with over 13 million songs and every genre to choose from. The Rhapsody App even lets you download playlist directly on your device. So you don't need an active connection and you'll save battery life compared to streaming. And you can listen whole your text, browse and run other apps.

Top 3: PowerAMP Music Player (Trial)
PowerAMP is a slick-looking music player that is trying to corner the audiophile market. It has a lot to like about it, and some things to dislike. It looks good, and it has some great features, but it still has work to be done. To start off, PowerAMP can play audio files that the native Android player (and most third-party music players) can't. The list of formats includes MP3 (of course), MP4, M4A, ALAC, OGG, WMA, FLAC, WAV, APE, WV, and TTA. Most of those won't mean anything to many people, but this is good news for hard-core music geeks.

Top 2: Winamp
Winamp can play, manage and sync music from your Mac or PC to your Android device -- Pro Bundle Now Available!. Winamp offers a complete music management solution (2.1 OS & above) featuring wireless desktop sync (Winamp Media Player required), iTunes import, & access to thousands of internet radio stations with SHOUTcast.

Top 1: Google Music
Google Music is a cloud-powered music player and storage service that lets you keep your music collection online so you can save space on your Android device.

With one of those music player apps, you can make your mobile phone become a powerful media player with excellent experience.

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  1. Picus Audio player and mixzing music players are also great



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