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Monday, December 26, 2011

Newest Version of Android 4.0 Hit on Kindle Fire

If you just get a Kindle Fire as Christmas gift, or used Kindle Fire for a bit long time, I think you can’t miss this news. According to the thread of XDA Developers, the hackers have made a breakthrough. They had run the newest version of Ice Cream Sandwich on Kindle Fire. This version is called “Pre-alpha”.

The newest hack of Ice Cream Sandwich on Kindle Fire is based off of CyanogenMod 9. According to the XDA Developer Forums, CyanogenMod 9 is not all that fundamentally different from the standard the stock edition of Android Open Source Project (AOSP) Ice Cream Sandwich. That does not mean to say that CyanogenMod 9 will not fork away from ICS and bring additions to the custom ROM, but for now there is little different in the code bases.

As an unofficial version, this ROM has tried its best to make most of hardware work although there are still several bugs need to work out on Kindle Fire. Right now, Wi-Fi is working (the all-important first step) while video playback and some audio are not yet working. It can be called a significant progress through the middle of the month.

OK, no more words, let’s check the video and wait for a stable version for your Kindle Fire.

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