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Saturday, December 10, 2011

HP TouchPad Run Android 4.0 Now

After HP announced that it had gave Touchpad up, and never produced again in this summer, this tablet reduced the price to only $99 to sold off the remaining stock. I believe that some of the customers want to switch this tablet to a cheap Android device.  So with many difficult solved, about one month ago, hackers had run CyanogenMod 7 on Touchpad successfully with audio and Wi-Fi still cannot work.

And now, developers have made a breakthrough to port the Android 4: Ice Cream Sandwich to TouchPad tablet. One team member has posted a photo of Ice Cream Sandwich running on his devices to prove that.  This post is already generation excitement and interest on the forums although it shows that the last version of Android 4.0 for TouchPad still not so stable. Sooner the community provided a patch for making touch input work on tablet. And this community claimed that the next priorities for the firm will include WI-FI and Android Market support.

While developers scramble to fix the bugs in the TouchPad Android firmware, however, yesterday’s announcement by HP that it would be open sourcing its WebOS software has led to a surprise reverse phenomenon of developers now hoping to port the operating system to Android devices.  But right now, most developers prefer to build Android apps.

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