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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top 5 free Weathre Widgets for Android Phones

Well, yesterday I have introduced you the top 5 free weather apps for android phone, and today, I will introduce top 5 weather widgets for your phones. We do not install an app to check the weather, what we need is a beautiful tiny widget on the desktop to guide our life arrangement.

Top 5: World Weather Clock Widget
World Weather Clock Widget with GPS (and status bar) is available. Check weather forecasts, current conditions, time and date for any location in the world. You can even check five days detailed forecasts. Moreover, you can check the current weather and the rain fall probability in the status bar. You can check the rain radar, satellite view and map for your location.

Top 4: GO Weather Widget Skin Series
The themes of widget skin designed for GO Weather which includes HTC Style, Simple and 3D. This is not a standalone app, you need to download latest amazing GO Weather v1.9.9 (or above) in order to apply this theme; you can check GO Weather out by searching "GO Weather" in Google market.

Top 3: Weather Widget
With this widget, you can tap widget for forecast and open to configure console for options.

Top 2: 3D Digital Weather Clock
Widgets on Android work a bit differently than a normal application. Unlike regular programs they don't just install themselves in the application tray so you have to add them manually. This widget includes 3D Digital clock widget with Calendar, Time, System info, weather & forecast.

Top 1: Animated Weather Widget, Clock
Animated Weather forecast: realistic video effects, detailed world data. Digital Clock widget 4x2 with Weather forecast application and live wallpapers. The exquisitely realistic video effects of cloudiness, rain and snow provide the vivid sensation of current or future weather conditions for more than 50000 locations over the world.

With one of those widget, you can easy check the weather just lighten your screen. And it makes your mobile phone much greater. Just enjoy it.

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