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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Top 5 Christmas Live Wallpaper Apps for Android in 2011

Wow… Christmas Day is coming! Have you ever felt the intensely festive atmosphere? OK, here I will introduce you top 5 Christmas live wallpaper apps for your Android phone! Before you addict to your Christmas festive suddenly, let's make your mobile phone fill with Christmas atmosphere. The first step is changing your wallpaper to Christmas version. Maybe the next 5 apps can help you save time from searching the suitable wallpapers.

Top 5: Christmas tree Live Wallpaper
Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper is the only fully customizable Android Free Live Wallpaper that does not require you to buy a paid version to enable settings.

Top 4: Christmas Live Wallpaper Free
Enjoy watching live effects of gently falling snowflakes or play the sound of holiday music. Decorate and light up the Christmas tree, make up the fire in the house or tilt your phone to see amazing accelerometer effects.

Top 3: Christmas Snow Live Wallpaper
Christmas Snow Live Wallpaper has the most realistic snow effect, and can be customize by users. With the Stunning Christmas trees & lights, it can make your mobile phone full with Christmas atmosphere.

Top 2: Christmas Snow Live Wallpaper
With this free app, you can change different themes, Snow colors and density/number of Snow floating on your home screen. This live wallpaper has a lot of interesting features and can also act as Snow screensaver and lock screen for your Snow phone.

Top 1: 3D Christmas Live Wallpaper Free
Christmas tree of light, plus an exciting countdown to Christmas. Both scenes can be enjoyed as a live wallpaper background, or as a fully interactive foreground application where you can look around freely and more easily customize your settings.

To use: Menu > Wallpaper > Live wallpapers

Have you ever found any live wallpaper you want to used? If not, you can also search the favorite one on Android Market. Merry Christmas!

Christmas tree Live Wallpaper

Christmas Live Wallpaper Free

Christmas Snow Live Wallpaper

Christmas Snow Live Wallpaper
3D Christmas Live Wallpaper Free

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